Lace Up

Life's easy when you're going 75, running on high, on cold hard ground. Never thinking of the what ifs and the riffs, you're flying through sound. Every rock is a piece of dirt, nothing can stand in your way. Nothing can distract you from your game play. You run fast, but not ignorant to the... Continue Reading →

Vast Roads, Here We Go

Life is like a road, with a multitude of signs. We might experience curves, holes, bumps, and straight lines. In the end, we choose our own paths and destinations. I hope your roads are paved smooth, with no complications. || The countryside of the Imperial City of Huế, Việtnam 🚗✌️

What did I think about the most today?

Hahah, this is a confession almost because all I could think about today was him... He makes me laugh. He makes me face my weaknesses. He makes me believe in myself. He makes me confident. He makes me less stressed. He makes me a better me. He makes me open my heart up. No. I'm... Continue Reading →

Am I happy?

I am currently contempt, in a rut... I am feeling lost, but I'm not sad. I'm finding my way and finding my happiness. In all honesty, I don't exactly know what "happy" is anymore. Without a doubt, I know certain people and environments make me happy and I want to continue that feeling and acknowledgement.... Continue Reading →

Bottoms Up

A simple work-in-progress poem... Happiness is truth This, THIS is not okay My attitude is "I hate myself" Change my mind If you can After you read this Everyday has something good Is not good enough "You can give up, some days can be rough" It is not easy but If you work and fight... Continue Reading →


For the longest time, I felt exhausted, undone, futile, and constantly felt like I was stuck in a haze. I felt no joy, no enthusiasm, and no lust for deep connections. After the love for my last partner dissipated, I was stone cold steel to every potential interest and partner. The moment I sensed someone's... Continue Reading →


You hurt me. That's all there is to it. No excuses, no going back, no undoing the stitches. Scars heal... Scars fade... Scars mark forever. You can apologize, you can articulate your story, but in the end, your intentions do not compensate for your actions. I wanted honesty, you gave me grievances. I wanted trust,... Continue Reading →

Beautifully Broken

Everyone has a voice and these voices can be: strong, weak, powerful, intuitive, loud, compassionate, intellectual, and other vast facets. These voices are the expressions of our inner most thoughts and feelings. Some can be controlled, radical, streams, relaxing, but all are ways we choose to show the world, ourselves. My voice has been challenged,... Continue Reading →

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